Published: June 23rd, 2015

Category: STEMI

Pre-hospital ECG:


Emergency Department ECG:


Cath Report

LM: Large caliber. Angiographically normal.
LAD: Large caliber vessel. Transapical. Mid 30% stenosis after D2 and before
D3. Distal 25% stenosis. 30% stenosis at the apex. D1 medium sized and patent.
D2 small to medium size with mid 70% stenosis. D3 medium sized and patent.
LCx: Large caliber vessel. Widely patent. There is a mid 35% stenosis.
RCA: Large caliber vessel. Dominant. there is 25% proximal stenosis. PLA is
patent. PDA widely patent, very distally, ?cutt off Vs tapering.

1.- Mild non obstructive CAD.
2.- Dilated ascending aorta

Conclusion: Patient had mild stenosis-moderate stenosis, none requiring stenting.  Medical management.

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