Published: June 26th, 2015

Category: STEMI

Pre-Hospital ECG



Emergency Department ECG:


Cath Report:

Left Main Trunk: Normal and patent

Left Anterior Descending Artery: Medium size. Mid LAD 50-60% stenosis at the take-off of D2. D1 is medium size and has ostial 50-60% stenosis. D2 is medium size and patent.

Left Circumflex Artery: Patent, OMB1 and OMB2 are small and patent.

Right Coronary Artery: Large, dominant. Mid 50-60% stenosis. R PDA and R PLA are large and patent.

PCI: No stents placed


This was a presumed new LBBB, which in conjunction with active CP is often considered a STEMI. ┬áThis patient’s cath showed no significant occlusions.

Acute MI in the setting of LBBB or a paced rhythm can be difficult to diagnose.  The Sgarbossa Criteria may help, information can be found HERE.