Published: February 22nd, 2016

Category: STEMI

Emergency Department ECG


Cardiac Cath Report:

1. LMCA:  Large, widely patent, gives rise to the LAD and LCX.
2. LAD:  Large, transapical, 100% distal occlusion with thrombus.  D1 and D2 are medium sized and patent, D3 is small and patent.
3. LCX:  Normal in caliber, nondominant, patent OMB1 (medium sized) and OMB2 (small), patent ongoing LCX in AV-groove but tapers to a small vessel with small left PL that is also patent.
4. RCA:  Large, widely patent, patent proximal stent, dominant vessel, patent right PDA.

Plan: Successful stent placement in LAD