Published: March 31st, 2016

Category: STEMI

*** This was not a field activated STEMI.  STEMI called in ED ***

Pre-hospital ECG


Emergency Department ECG 1


Emergency Department ECG 2


Cardiac Cath Report

LM– Normal caliber, no angiographic stenosis

LAD– Ostial 30% stenosis, mid 100% occlusion

LCx– Normal caliber, proximal vessel patent, mid 30-40% stenosis, OM 1 is large, patent, OM 2 and 3 are small vessel patent. Left PLV is patent

RCA– Normal caliber, dorminant, ostial 80% stenosis (dampening on cannulation), proximal 90%, mid 80%. PDA and PLV mild disease

Stent placed to mid LAD

Planned recath for stent to RCA