Published: June 20th, 2016

Category: STEMI

Pre-hospital ECG


Emergency Department ECG



Cardiac Cath Report

LM– Normal caliber, patent

LAD– Normal caliber, transapical, ostial 50- 60% eccenteric stenosis, mid patent non-overlapping stents, distal to 2nd mid stent there is 75% stenosis, distal LAD 80% stenosis

LCx– Normal caliber, ostial 50% stenosis, mild neointimal hyperplasia proximal stent. OM 1 large patent. OM 2 large, patent stent

RCA– Normal caliber, dominant, proximal vessel, (multiple stents mid to distal vessel), mid 95% instent stenosis/thrombosis, 75% stenosis between mid and distal stents, distal stent patent

Balloon angioplasty performed on RCA, stent placed in LAD