Published: July 28th, 2016

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Pre-hospital ECG


Emergency Department ECG


Cardiac Cath Report

LMCA: Normal caliber, patent vessel.

LAD: Large-sized, transapical vessel with mid-LAD stent thrombosis at the front edge of the TAXUS stent from 2006. The LAD gives off a large-sized, patent D1 vessel.

LCX: Large with a 85% mid lesion on a bend mildly hazy after major OM. The LCx gives off a large-sized OM1 vessel with 40% ostial stenosis followed by small-sized, patent OM2-OM3 vessels, large-sized/patent OM4 vessel, and large-sized OM5 vessel with moderate diffuse disease.

RCA: Large-sized, dominant vessel with mid 60-65% stenosis. PDA and PLA are patent. Early R to LAD collaterals noted

Successful balloon only angioplasty to mid-LAD and successful stent to mid-LCx.