Published: November 8th, 2016

Category: STEMI

Pre-hospital ECG

ecg1Patient arrived as Trauma Alert for MVC with chest trauma. STEMI seen in field

Emergency Department ECG


Patient seen by Cardiology on arrival, decision made to delay cath for Trauma work up

  • Patient found to have splenic lac requiring OR with Trauma Surgery
  • Cardiogenic shock next day in ICU, taken to cath lab emergently

Cardiac Cath Report

LMCA: Normal caliber vessel with distal 20% stenosis.

LAD: Normal-sized, transapical vessel with MLI. The LAD gives off a medium-sized, patent D1 vessel.

LCX: Medium-sized, nondominant vessel with MLI. The LCx gives off a small-sized, patent OM1 vessel. The LCx is small as it travels through the AV groove.

RCA: Large-sized, dominant vessel occluded proximally.


Since patient has open surgical abdomen, no stent placed (cannot anticoagulate). Balloon angiography performed. Cardiac arrest in Cath Lab with ROSC after defibrillation. Transferred to ICU.