Published: November 23rd, 2016

Category: STEMI

Emergency Department ECG



Cardiac Cath Report

LMCA: Normal caliber vessel that is angiographically normal.

LAD: Large-sized vessel that is occlued at distal segment. The LAD gives off a large-sized D1 with severe mid segment 90% stenosis followed by total occlusion distally.

LCX: Large-sized, nondominant vessel with ostial 50% stenosis. The LCx gives off A large-sized, bifurcating OM branch with diffuse disease in the superior and inferior branch.

RCA: Large-sized, dominant vessel with patent proximal RCA stent followed by mid segment 99% stenosis, and then distal stent is patent with presence of large thrombus in mid and distal segment. The RCA gives off a PDA which ends at mid segment and a PLA which has a distal 95% stenosis.

Patient went in to cardiac arrest in cath lab, no ROSC after numerous rounds of CPR and defibtrillations