Published: February 13th, 2017

Category: STEMI

Pre-hospital ECG

Emergency Department ECG

Cardiac Cath Report

LMCA: Normal caliber vessel that is angiographically normal.
LAD: Large-sized vessel with very late mid LAD in-stent thrombosis. The LAD gives off a small-sized, patent D1.
LCX: Large-sized, codominant vessel that gives off large-sized patent OM1, OM2, and OM3 vessels with moderate diffuse disease.
RCA: Large-sized, calcified, codominant vessel with mid-segment 70% stenosis followed by mild to moderate diffuse disease. PDA and PLA are patent.

1. Very late mid LAD in-stent thrombosis with successful PCI using a 3.25X18mm Xience DES with TIMI III flow.
2. Severe mid RCA stenosis with successful PCI using a 3.5X18mm Xience DES with TIMI III flow.