JC Expectations

2nd year assigned to JC:

Read and fully analyze the article. Be ready to answer the following:

  • Study objective
  • Hypothesis being tested
  • Type of study
  • Study population
  • Inclusion criteria
  • Exclusion criteria
  • Study outcomes
  • Results
  • Limitations of the study
  • Be ready to fully explain each of these particularly the study design and why a particular type of study might have been picked. Keep in mind that we may have EMTs/paramedics join us for JC may not be familiar with critical analysis of studies so you may be the very first person to explain to them what a case-control study is, for example.

3nd year assigned to JC:

  • Read and fully analyze the article
  • Know the answers for all of the above, just in case the 2nd year assigned to that article doesn’t know an answer
  • 3-5 discussion questions for the group (These should be questions that spin off of the article and that aren’t easily answered. For example, is it possible to institute the intervention from the article to our EMS system? Why/why not?)
    • Your questions must be emailed to Pereira and Schmidt at least 24 hours in advance of your assigned JC date

Any other participant:

  • Read the article
  • Be prepared to participate in the discussion questions prepared by the assigned 3rd year